How to post an article

How to post an article

You can watch instruction how to post article in WordPress,

or you can read our manual:


How to publish an article

On your web site – on the left-hand column find the following words:

  • Contributions
  • Your name
  • Name of your website.

Right-click the name of your website and select “Open link in new tab”.

The new tab will open, with access to the control panel of your website.

Now, on the left-hand column find button “Post” and click it.


New screen will appear.  Click „Add new” button.


Type the title of your article in small text area, and the text of your article in the big text area.



If you wish to add pictures to your article, click the camera icon.



Drag-and-drop your files here or click “Select Files”:


Choose your picture or pictures and press „Open”.

There are two important options on this screen: „Insert into Post” and  “Use as featured image”.



„Insert into Post” inserts picture in the midst of the article text.

“Use as featured image” inserts picture on the homepage and in the article text.

If you want both options click „Use as feature image” first and then „Insert into Post”.


Now select the category under wchich your article will appear:














Your article is ready for publishing.

To publish immediately click the blue “Publish” button.